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Flagler Habitat for Humanity, Inc. selects its Partner Families based on three basic criteria:


You will be considered for a Flagler Habitat for Humanity home if your present housing is inadequate and if you are unable to obtain housing through conventional means.  Lack of adequate housing may include problems with the present structure: water, electrical or sewage service systems; heating system; or failure to meet city property maintenance standards.  Also taken into consideration are the make up and size of your family compared to the number of bedrooms in your home.
The percentage of your monthly income that you currently spend on housing is considered to determine need.  You will be required to openly and fully discuss your financial situation with a Habitat interviewer.
You must currently live in Flagler County, Florida and have been a resident of Flagler County for at least one year.


You and your family will be considered if your total income is between 35% and 60% of the median income for Flagler County.  This income is based on family size. 

Family Size Minimum Annual Income Maximum Annual Income
One $14,450.00 $24,750.00
Two $16,500.00 $28,250.00
Three $18,550.00 $31,800.00
Four $20,600.00 $35,350.00
Five $22,550.00 $38,150.00
Six $23,900.00 $41,000.00
Seven $25,550.00 $43,800.00
Eight $27,200.00 $46,650.00


Since you will actually be buying your home from Flagler Habitat for Humanity, Inc., you must demonstrate your ability to make the monthly mortgage payment.  This payment will include not only the mortgage payment, but also the payment for real estate taxes and insurance.  We will help you to determine if this payment will jeopardize your ability to meet all of your other family financial obligations and expenses.  We can also help you to develop a budget to determine your eligibility.


When selected you become a “partner family” in the Habitat movement.   Your assistance in the construction of your home and the homes of others is called “sweat equity” and may include specific courses for new homeowners, clearing the lot, painting, helping with construction, providing food for volunteers, or working in the Flagler Habitat for Humanity office or ReStore.  To become a “partner family” you must complete 250 hours per adult of volunteer work with Flagler Habitat for Humanity which will count toward your total “sweat equity” contribution to be completed before becoming a homeowner.
You will be responsible for maintenance of your house from the time you move into your home.  This includes interior and exterior repairs as well as proper yard maintenance.
You will be responsible for repaying the purchase cost (with no interest) of your home in a timely manner so that other families can benefit from the Habitat for Humanity program.  In addition you will be responsible for paying, through an escrow account that is part of your monthly payment, the yearly property taxes and the cost of homeowner’s insurance on an annual basis.

Will I meet the general guidelines to apply for Flagler Habitat Homeownership opportunity?

___ Do I have a housing NEED?

___ Have I lived in Flagler County more than 1 year?

___ I am single, married, divorced or widowed but I am NOT separated?

___ My income falls between the minimum and maximum based on family size in the Ability to Pay chart

___ I have been employed for the past 6 months or have another steady source of income

___ I have not claimed bankruptcy in the last 3 years

___ I have not had a foreclosure in the last 3 years

___ I understand the sweat equity requirements

___ I am willing to do the required sweat equity hours towards homeownership

___ I am willing to complete a minimum of 20 hours of sweat equity a month toward my hours.


We are sorry but our application process is currently closed.  We anticipate that it will reopen in the fall of 2019.  Please check our website closer to that time as we will post the dates there as soon as they are determined.